Risk Management is an installation comprised of a video and a sculpture titled:  Phantom Prosthetic, addressing the effects of certain objects on the human psyche and body. Meant to be worn on the leg, Phantom Prosthetic is an intricate agglomeration of steel plates and rods, which look as if they have been crudely welded together and “tied” with wire. Pointed metal shafts jut out of the enclosed calf. This piece alludes to the sensation known as “phantom limb,” when an amputee feels pain from a removed limb. Instead, this sculpture turns psychological armature into a concrete object. The inspiration for the video came from the idea of an unending war. I wanted to explore the psychological equivalent of a physical prosthesis, which means literally an “addition.” The sound in the video is a recording of the sculpture Phantom Prosthetic being played as if it were an instrument. 

Risk Management, 2016

Video 2:21

Phantom Prosthetic, 2016

Steel and patina

H28" x W13" x D31"