‘Survivor Orange’ is a video installation, the orange in the title references the orange used in survival gear. This installation is comprised of a video projected on the ground from the ceiling. The ground/floor is covered with 300 lb of concrete chunks arranged in a vertical rectangular orientation (size: L6' x W3' x H1') suggesting a grave site. The video is of the artist placing her steel sculpture (large scale necklace called 'Mood Swings') on and off her body emulating a gesture of cross body weapon placement.  The sound track is the sound of the sculpture moving coupled with the voice of the artist reacting to the video.

Installation Statement

My work explores the conflicted, schizoid experience of embodied gender in a time of unending war. I have been that soldier. I have carried those weapons with me, across my body, waist and shoulders. Trauma is accumulated slowly, deceptively, amidst the mundane acts of daily life in a nation at war; and just that slowly those sick toys cease in meaning, dissolving into commodities, mere accessories, prosthetics and attachments. It is these objects that I reproduce - hybrid things, simultaneously shield and adornment, made for the body but never wearable, both senseless and seductive.

Mood Swings, 2016

Steel and paint

H45" x W30" x D5"