‘Survivor Orange’ is an installation in which a video is projected downwards onto a mound of concrete chunks reminiscent of a grave. The video is a kaleidoscopic depiction of the artist with her necklace sculpture “Mood Swings,” which she repeatedly takes on and off. Though no orange can be seen, the title refers to the orange color of survival gear, bringing up the existential battle in both war and life after war.  The video fragments the artist’s body into near abstraction, which is then fragmented again by being projected onto an uneven surface. Accompanied by unsettling vocals and what sounds like the clanging of metal, the artist sought to reference her time as a soldier and how she learned to handle a weapon. Here, the choreography of wearing a deadly weapon is compared to wearing jewelry, bringing up the ease with which violence can be internalized. 

Survivor Orange, 2016

Video 1:42