I’ll fight you just to get peace (Rapper M.I.A.”Bucky Done Gun”), 2017
Two 4 x 4’ steel plates, CNC plasma cut computer code, and paint
Interior work: 52 x 52” wall removal, 48 x 48” steel plate
Exterior work: 7.5 x 50’ mural, 52 x 52” steel plate

Two phase installation

First phase: as a response to Mel Ziegler’s work Flag Exchange within A Living Thing at the Walter and McBean Galleries, Orly Ruaimi has installed a site-specific work addressing the internal gallery space as well as the exterior walls. Ruaimi has bisected a 7.5 x 50’ digitized camouflage mural with two 4 x 4‘ steel panels carved with coding language by a CNC automatic plasma cutter. In a political act responding to our current context, she removed a 52 x 52” piece of wall from the interior of the gallery. The work highlights the space and examines the idea of protection as it pertains to a wall structure as well as to the interior of the individual. The second phase: the act of permanently mounting or "burying" the steel plate into the wall and patching the gallery wall on top of it. This is the conceptual completion of the work which will be hidden from view as is code in a computer program. The physical remnants from the interior removal will be used to construct an extension of this work later this spring in reference to another Mel Ziegler work (with Kate Ericson) titled From the Making of a House (1995).

The basis of Orly Ruaimi conceptual practice is exploring the psychological space of the citizen, the solider and the country. The sense of irony Orly chooses to explore in this installation stems from the soldier’s experience of being potentially called by upon command to harm others for the sake of maintaining the power of one’s country. The artist was inspired buy the female artist M.I.A’s song “Bucky Done Gun” and especially the lyrics; “I'll fight you just to get peace” which then was translated to the computer code C++ to create a infinite program loop.